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Woodland management

The restoration of ancient woodlands is very close to the heart of Andrew Pearce Tree Surgey and Forestry. It's one of our specialities and we have a trained and dedicated team specifically for this work. Woodland management is one of the specialist services of Andrew Pearce Tree Surgery and Forestry. Our proven track record is testament to our capacity for managing woodland new and old, ensuring it is maintained in the correct manner.




Our forestry consultant

We use Ayers Forestry for our consultancy and management. Bill has almost thirty-five years of experience in the forestry industry this covers the whole range of diciplines, from the establishment of new woods through to the management of more complex and ecologically diverse ancient woodlands, including the management of triple SSSI's and NNR's. Currently responsible for the management of estate woodlands in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset. Ayers forestry is able to undertake all aspects of forestry management and tree reports. Having a wealth of experience in timber measurement and valuation we are able to prepare timber sales from the marking of trees through to sale.


Ayers Forestry can be contacted by email bill@ayersforestry.co.uk or telephone 07831 328434

Woodland management and restoration


For more information about our woodland management services, call Andrew Pearce Tree Surgery and Forestry.

Landline: 01380 859 233

Mobile: 07768 698 501

Woodland management
  • Careful selection of long lived native species such as Oak, Beech, Ash and Hombeam to remain in situ

  • The creation of habitat stacks from selected fallen and felled timber

  • Brushwood piles

  • Ensuring there is a minimal ground disturbance and making good if required

  • Careful planning of timber extraction routes.

  • Planting schemes

  • Improving a woodlands biodiversity

  • Removal of non-native and invasive species e.g. Rhodedendron and Laurel

  • Creation of wildlife rides

  • Creating areas of grassland

  • Placement of bird boxes

The interventions we make today in our woodland are essential to its long term future. Each woodland is unique and will require its own sensitive programme of planning and maintenance. Successful woodland management often concerns getting a workable balance between conservation and economic growth.



Our woodland services

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