Conservation in woodland and forestry

There are many regulations and much advice with regards

conservation and these are constantly under review . We are

passionate about preserving the beautiful countryside that

surrounds us and the local wildlife that depends on it. It

is fundamental that we achieve a balance between woodland

and forestry operations and the safeguarding of its

ecosystems and habitats.


We have experience in working with the Forestry Commission

and Natural England. Having worked in designated sites of

special scientific interest (S.S.S.I) of which there are

over 130 in Wiltshire alone. We understand how sensitively

our work needs to be carried out. These areas support rare

and endangered species of plant and animals and vulnerable

natural habitats  by which they are sustained.


Dying, deadwood is a valuable resource for plant and animal

species. Vital deadwood ecosystems and habitats can become

limited. We know that with sympathetic management that

opportunities exist to maximise this resource.


For further information, call Andrew Pearce Tree Surgery and Forestry.

Landline: 01380 859 233

Mobile: 07768 698 501

Living in a conservation area

If you live in a conservation area the local authorities need to be informed before any work is carried out. In some cases single or grouped trees may have a tree preservation order ( TPO ) in place. We can provide applications to the relevant authorities; clearance can take 6- 8 weeks. In some emergency/ dangerous situations a five day notice may be obtained.



Pond restoration 'before'

Pond restoration 'during'

Pond restoration 'after'

Rhododendron_clearance_BEFORE Rhododendron_clearance_AFTER

Rhodedendron clearance 'after'

Rhodedendron clearance 'before'